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Browsing and Sharing Media is Easy with AMD Fusion Media Explorer1

The AMD Fusion Media Explorer is a program you can install to dynamically browse your videos and images while integrating them with your social media accounts.

AMD Fusion Media Explorer is ideal for browsing and sharing:


  • Easily find and view photos from your local hard drive, removable USB or SD cards, or online social media destinations.
  • View related photos and videos from your online sources pertaining to what you see in the main viewing area.
  • Upload your photos to your social media accounts with a simple button click. This can be a real time saver.


  • Easily find and listen to your favorite music with our integrated search engine or 3D Ribbon.
  • Use our AutoDJ feature to automatically queue up playlists for you from the same genre or artist you are currently listening to.
  • Check out related music videos or other clips while you listen.


  • Easily find the video, movie, or TV show you are looking for with our integrated search engine or 3D Ribbon. Multiple videos will even start playing as you browse, making it that much easier to find what you are looking for.
  • Watch full screen or send to the integrated Mini player so you can surf the Web, too.
  • Check out related YouTube videos pertaining to the content you are currently watching.

Aside from enabling deeply immersive multimedia and social media experiences, AMD Fusion Media Explorer beautifully demonstrates what AMD platforms are capable of when the software design takes full advantage of its powerful AMD hardware.

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Additional hardware (e.g. Blu-ray drive, HD or 10-bit monitor, TV tuner, wirelessly enabled HDTV) and/or software (e.g. multimedia applications) are required for the full enablement of some features. HD Video display requires an HD video source. Not all features may be supported on all components or systems - check with your component or system manufacturer for specific model capabilities and supported technologies.

1 This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit ( This product includes cryptographic software written by Eric Young.