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A Duel for Visual Supremacy, announcing PowerColor AMD Radeon™ HD6870X2 Graphics

With the announcement of PowerColor’s newest dual GPU graphics solution, it surpasses any other specifications in the market offering no compromise in performance and brings you the most fluent image quality and promises best gaming experience.

Powered by dual graphics engine, the PowerColor AMD Radeon™ HD6870X2 graphics delivers ground-breaking performance against the competitors and takes the game to the next level; with core speed clocks at 900MHz core speed and 1050MHz of memory speed, enabling an unprecedented gaming experience you’ve never felt before. The newest card has 2240 stream processing units and 4.03 teraFLOP’s of computing power, easily accelerating the gaming speed and maximizing the gaming power, fully tackling the most demanding game titles and allows the amazing gaming experience.

Furthermore, the PowerColor AMD Radeon™ HD6870X2 graphics takes advantage of great performance cooling design and equipped with luxurious components onboard, allows an ultra-stable and cool platform with powerful gaming experience, ready to blow up all gamers’ expectation.

350W Cooling Design1:

  • Heat Pipe Direct Touch (HDT) technology
    6pcs of flattened heat pipes directly cover the GPU, easily dissipate heat and enables a cooler and superior heating solution
  • Unique Dual Cooling Fan
    92mm + 80mm low noise fan design provide the maximum cooling performance
  • Extremely Thin Fins
    Ultra-thin aluminum cooling fins enlarge the heat dissipation surface
  • Superb Heat Pipes
    6pcs of 8mm Super Heat Pipes for maximum heat absorption
  • Platinum Power Kit: Multi phases + Ferrite Core Choke + DrMos
    13 phases PWM, ferrite core choke and DrMos, all these superior components provided the ultra-stable platform and great power efficiency